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About Communication University of Zhejiang

Communication University of Zhejiang was established in 1978, which now has two campuses, located in Xiasha and Tongxiang respectively.
The University is made up of 11 schools and 3 teaching departments, 1 College of Continuing Education (Training Center) and 1 entrepreneurship College (Employment Guidance Center). At present, there are about 14000 full-time enrolled students at our university. CUZ is a hub for media and arts talents. Many alumni have become prominent media professionals and industrial leaders.
CUZ enrolled the first batch of overseas students in 2007 and has cultivated more than 600 overseas students, including language students, long-term and short-term exchange students and academic students. In recent years, the number of overseas students in CUZ has steadily increased by an annual increase of 25%. In 2019, our school has accepted nearly 200 long-term and short-term overseas students, who come from Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Vietnam, South Korea, Tanzania, Turkey and other countries. Most of the overseas students in our university study Journalism, Broadcast Announcing and Presenting Art, Film and television, etc. Mandarin learning is also the main choice for overseas students. Now the programs for overseas students in CUZ mainly include Bachelor Degree Programs, Mandarin Learning and Short-term Language and Culture Experience.

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